Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Convention Application in the Mail!!

WHEW!! As some of you know, my application for teaching at the Close to My Heart convention was due postmarked yesterday. I worked on art all weekend, and Jim did my videotaped demo for them Sunday night. I have taught at our convention in the past, and it was such a great experience. This year, the classes will be twice as long as before, and I'll get to see more consultants than ever. I almost didn't have the nerve to do the video and almost scrapped the whole thing, but I LOVE teaching. I have such a blast with my clubs and workshops, and so now it's the suspense of waiting to hear if I'm chosen. I should've thought to post pictures of my art - but honestly, I didn't even take photos, because I wanted those things in the box and sent out! :)

I am going to post some other art later this week - I made a very blingy 40th Birthday card for my sister in law - and I like the way it turned out.

Happy Tuesday!

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